Master the art of blogging with bite-sized micro-courses.

Bite-sized micro-courses

Master the art of blogging through easy-to-digest visual lessons delivered straight to your inbox.

Stories that teach

Swipe through a plethora of lessons the same way you do on Instagram stories.

60-second video lessons

Go through a course in minutes, enjoy an immersive experience with bite-sized video and audio lessons.


Mobile-first courses... delivered straight to your email inbox. 

 Let's be honest... time is usually not on our side.
And, most times, going through an in-depth tutorial or guide in order to extract the key takeaways is time and energy consuming.
That's why we've created Bites.

Swipe through a course as you would an Instagram story.

Our mobile-first courses and summaries are the perfect tools to help you on your journey to the blogging stratosphere.


Meet Anna, your friendly, super-competent instructor

Understand the essence of each course through short, 60-second video explainers.


Explore our mini-courses

The Anatomy of a Perfect Blog Post

The human body is a wonderfully complex mechanism, complete with gauges, systems, and a support structure.

It is, in fact, so brilliant in its execution, that we can learn and use some of the same principles to write the perfect blog post.

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How to Use Mental Models to Become a Better Blogger

Understand mental frameworks that you can use to supercharge your blogging game.

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Eureka: Unconventional Blogging Prompts

Get inspired with this set of 90 highly unconventional blogging prompts that will surely challenge the way you view content creation, networking, and promoting your blog.

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50 Ways to Become a Better Blogger

Supercharge your blogging game with this set of highly actionable tips and tricks on building an audience, content creation, mindset, and more.

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