The Novice Blogger's Growth Kit

There has never been a better time to be a blogstar.

In this day and age, digital networks have proven to be more effective than ever at influencing.

You can't afford NOT to be leveraging these channels.

But it isn't as simple as creating a blog and posting consistently.  The ecosystem is more competitive than ever before.

That's why we've put together 5 resources to help you reach for the blogging stratosphere. It’s free for newsletter subscribers.


Writing Your First Blog Post is your pathway to clearly and effectively communicating ideas through the written word, precisely tailored and fine-tuned for an online audience.

The Blog Evaluation Diagram allows you to accurately assess various blogging skills, your level of proficiency, and enables you to develop a proper plan of action towards leveling up

The Competition Research Template enables you, via a number of questions and checklists, to figure out the best way to use your competition to gain a clear advantage.

The Article Validation Canvas allows you to validate your article, to understand who your target audience is, and what is your article's endgame.

The Anatomy of a Perfect Blog Post provides you with a visual breakdown of how the elements of an article work together, and what they achieve for your readers.

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