Principles of Blogging

Principles, rules, and frameworks that will help you think outside the box.


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Learn how to effortlessly write highly engaging articles that will make first-time visitors fall in love with your blog.

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Most blogs fail. Why?

 The blogger's journey is bizarre. 
The basics are there, a Google search away. There's a plethora of advice to help you get started, build momentum, promote your content, and even monetize it.
But then, as your enthusiasm begins to fade, the numbers stop growing. 
Your content feels stale. You might even begin to think you're running around in circles, writing about the same topics, over and over again.
You've hit a plateau. Creatively, you're bankrupt.

Tactics are temporary. Strategies and frameworks are forever.

Most blogging advice out there is tactical in nature. 

It's actionable, short-sighted, and in the long run, it's like placing a band-aid on a gunshot wound. 

I'm sorry, but in an ecosystem as oversaturated and ultra-competitive as the blogging world, tactics will fail you in the long run.


This course doesn't teach you how to do it, it teaches you how to think.

The problem with hacks, tricks, and tactics is that they hold your hand towards a particular result.

A trick that helps you get more readers. A tactic that doubles engagement rates.

Fill in the blanks and click publish.

But wouldn't you like to understand the why? The strategy behind it all? A framework that you can use, again and again, to identify opportunities and then capitalize on them?

Read now, apply 10 minutes later.

It's not just theory, either. This course provides you with tangible examples of how each framework can be applied. Each of these models can actually be used, so we'll go through the steps you can take to implement as you go.

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Teaches you how to reach your goal by trying to evade failure.

The Butterfly Effect

Understand that small elements can affect even the most complex systems.

Circle of Competence

Optimize your efforts by understanding your core skills.

The Law of Momentum

Understand the energy requirements of reaching the blogging stratosphere.

The Eisenhower Matrix

Master time-management by effectively prioritizing tasks.

The Library

Think of your blog as a library of content, not a publication.


One of the wonders of the world, compounding teaches you how to maximize your efforts.

The Zeigarnik Effect

Master the power of cliffhangers.


One of the most powerful models to deploy when you want your readers to feel the intense fear of missing out.

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Learn to use specific frameworks — timeless mental models that allow you to gain a birds-eye view of the blogging ecosystem and better understand your own journey towards the blogging stratosphere. 

Unlike the hacks, tricks, and tactics you're used to reading about... these principles are timeless. These are rules for life. Rules of persuasion. Rules of marketing. Mental models. Practical philosophical principles.

There's no expiration date for the timeless wisdom that's been tested and applied across a multitude of fields for hundreds, if not thousands of years.


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Each mental model is accompanied by clear graphic frameworks, process flows, and steps.

You also get access to a mobile-friendly, interactive crash-course that shares the essence of each lesson.

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